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April 8, 2010

I don’t know why I keep choosing to paint people I despise, but Glenn Beck is probably the worst of them.  This one is also for the series on fearmongers for Mammal.  It shows him goading the Tea Party all the way to his own personal fortune.


Idiot Wind

April 8, 2010

I knew I wanted to do an illustration of Sarah Palin for the FEAR issue of MAMMAL, but I was having a hard time coming up with how I was going to do it.  I did some really bad sketches of her driving a pickup-truck-bomb heading towards the white house, but that just seemed forced and trite.  Stumped, until a friend wrote an unrelated tweet about this Bob Dylan song, the spark was lit, and I knew exactly how I wanted to paint her.

First two pieces for MAMMAL 2010.

April 8, 2010

These two pieces are for the upcoming issue of MAMMAL coming out later this year.  The theme for this one is FEAR, so I decided to do a series of portraits of fearmongers.  I actually did these a while ago, but since I’m trying out this blog thing, I figured I’d put them up here.  Rush made news with his comments of “I hope the white house fails,” and I was driven to do the O’Reilly piece after his repeated “Dr. Tiller the baby-killer” provocations were inevitably acted upon.